Sell bracelet in Amsterdam

In the vibrant city of Amsterdam, discovering the ideal place to sell your precious bracelet is crucial. Zilver Goud Amsterdam, with its extensive experience spanning over two decades, stands as a beacon for those seeking to trade their jewelry and precious metals for immediate cash payments. Whether it’s a lavish piece from renowned brands like Cartier or Tiffany & Co., or an aged and broken bracelet, our store offers market-based rates for all your precious metal possessions. It is easy to sell gold in Amsterdam or sell silver in Amsterdam.


Free evaluation for gold, silver, jewelry and watches

Amsterdam Sell Gold BraceletEmbarking on the journey to sell your bracelet in Amsterdam should be an informed and transparent process. Zilver Goud Amsterdam welcomes you to experience our free evaluation service, a non-binding opportunity to comprehend the true value of your jewelry. The decision to proceed with the sale rests entirely with you, but our commitment is to empower you with knowledge about your bracelet’s worth. Our experts employ meticulous testing methods to determine gold purity, utilizing precision scales to weigh the metal accurately. Gold jewelry often ranges from 9 to 21 carats, with higher carat values indicating increased value.


Selling to Zilver Goud Amsterdam: Hassle-Free

At Zilver Goud Amsterdam, there’s no need for prior appointments. Simply visit our store during operating hours, bringing your bracelet and any old gold items you wish to sell. We buy direct your gold and silver, like a pawn shop. Our team is ready to provide a comprehensive evaluation and ensure a swift transaction. It is essential to bring a valid passport or Dutch ID, as we require this documentation for purchasing your gold bracelet. Depending on the quantity and value of your items, we typically offer immediate cash payments on the same day. You can sell jewellery easily at Zilver Goud Amsterdam.Alternatively, if you prefer, we can facilitate a transfer to your Dutch bank account.


Sell your gold bracelet now

Sell Bracelet

Zilver Goud Amsterdam’s accessibility is designed to cater to your convenience, whether you choose public transport or arrive by car. Detailed information regarding our opening hours and location can be found on our contact page. Unlock the value of your bracelet in Amsterdam at Zilver Goud Amsterdam. It is also possible to sell watches, like Rolex, Breitling and Cartier.


Why Choose Zilver Goud Amsterdam?

1. Expertise and Experience:

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Zilver Goud Amsterdam boasts a team of experts well-versed in evaluating and appraising jewelry and precious metals. Our wealth of knowledge ensures that you receive fair and market-based offer for your golden bracelet or other jewelry.

2. Transparent Evaluation Process:

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our free evaluation service. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, allowing them to make well-informed decisions when selling their precious metal possessions.

3. Hassle-Free Transactions:

Zilver Goud Amsterdam understands the importance of a seamless transaction. You can visit our store without the need for prior appointments, and we strive to complete evaluations and payments swiftly. Yes, we pay directly, without waiting.

4. Flexible Payment Options:

Whether you prefer immediate cash payments or a transfer to your Dutch bank account, Zilver Goud Amsterdam accommodates your preferences. Our flexibility ensures a hassle-free and tailored selling experience.

5. Convenient Location:

Located in Amsterdam, Zilver Goud Amsterdam is easily accessible by both public transport and car. Our store’s strategic location is designed to provide convenience for individuals looking to sell their jewelry and precious metals.


Sell at Zilver Goud Amsterdam

Sell Gold BraceletDiscover the unparalleled experience of selling your bracelet in Amsterdam at Zilver Goud Amsterdam. Our commitment to fair evaluations, transparent processes, and hassle-free transactions sets us apart as a trustworthy destination for those seeking immediate cash payments for their precious metal possessions. If you have inherited some jewellery you can sell inherited jewellery at our office. Visit us at your convenience, and let us unlock the true value of your jewelry. Selling your bracelet to Zilver Goud Amsterdam is Hassle-Free, the place to sell gold Netherlands.

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